On most mock draft boards, Myles Garrett is a number one consensus pick. The Browns who ended up going 1-15this season, have found a  light at the end of the tunnel with a number one overall draft pick. Most draft experts have the Cleveland franchise picking Garett who dominated the SEC during his collegiate career at Texas A&M. The Browns still have questions at Quarterback where their season included the likes of: RGIII, Cody Kessler, Josh McCown, Charlie “Clipboard Jesus” Whitehurst, and Terrell Pryor, the former quarterback now turned wide receiver. The Browns have another first-round pick where they may be able to fill the quarterback void so Garett looks like he will be landing in Cleveland.

But what has NFL execs so high on Garett? First off, his physical size is unmatched for your typical pass rusher. At 6’5 262 pounds, Garrett already fills out the size of your prototypical NFL pass rusher. According to Profootballfocus.com, Garett has had one of the most consistent 2-year career as a collegiate defensive passrusher. The only player to have a higher rating than Garett would be former Ohio State Buckeye now San Diego Los Angeles Charger, Joey Bosa. Over the past 2 seasons, Garett racked up 22 sacks, 20 hits, and 69 hurry ups during his college career. Garett has shown improvement versus the run and has shown an assortment of ways to showcase his pass rushing skills.

Garett was consistently double-teamed throughout his two years but has the strength, speed, and agility to apply pressure to opposing quarterbacks. His high motor, and his ability to play the run extremely well makes Garett a top football prospect. Drawing comparisons to JaDeveon Clowney, Myles looks like he will be an upgrade to any team that chooses him.

One of the few areas of concern I find with Garrett is his ability to fight through when he losses at the point of attack. If Garrett can improve his ability to disengage when he loses the point of the attack and still be able to make an impactful play.

Like I mentioned before, the Browns have issues at the QB position and need to make some choices. Yet, I don’t think any NFL franchise can pass up the talent that is sitting the number one spot. With a lot of cap space, the Browns can make solid off-seasons moves to help bolster their roster. I predict Garrett will go 1st overall in the draft in the spring upgrading the Browns on the defensive side of the ball.

What do you guys think? Do the Browns take Garett or do they go in a complete different direction?


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