Aside from making unenthusiastic promo videos for Florida Atlantic University, Lane Kiffin has tremendously boosted the recruiting at the school. Since his departure at Alabama which included an awkward departure before the national championship game, the #Kiffineffect has been in full effect. Once Kiffin made his announcement that his next coaching gig would be in Boca Raton, I knew the area that would see an immediate impact: recruiting.

Kiffin added 24 players (by my count) to the Football program on National Signing Day, which came from all over the country. In most cases, FAU was a school that usually pulled in recruits from the state, Coach has changed that by bringing in players from Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, and California. The media and Kiffin both took note to his recruiting pattern and when asked about it Kiffin said he will recruit more out of Florida going forward. Also, FAU came away with a highly covenanted recruit in former Texas Wide-Receiver DeAndre McNeal. McNeal committed to the school after being pursued by UCLA. After last season, FAU needed a lot of help in the receiving corps and will look to McNeal to make an immediate impact.

Some analyst are calling this the best recruiting class that Florida Atlantic has ever had. According to, FAU had the number recruiting class in C-USA and the 70th best recruiting class overall.

Kiffin has brought talent to campus and now it will be time to translate all of it onto the field come Saturdays. Critics believe this is all part of Kiffin’s “quick fix” scheme for the football program at the university by pulling in many JUCO players that would landed elsewhere. Personally, I think the #KiffinEffect will have immediate results and have the Owls competing for a conference championship in a short amount of time.

So overall, I guess that promo video worked out in the end for Coach. What are your thoughts on the recruiting class? How do you feel FAU stacks up against the rest of the conference? Leave your comments below.


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