The Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook tension is everything the NBA needs. After Saturday’s night’s game where we saw two of the league’s premier stars (and former teammates) go head-to-head. The viewership of the game was at an absolute high. One of the most viewed basketball games in recent history since 2013 season opener where a LeBron James led Heat team took on the Chicago Bulls.

The drama is what everybody in the social media era lives for. You saw when Charles Oakley got escorted out of the Garden in a safe and orderly manner by MSG security? The internet was a buzz watching the former Knicks star fight back at a franchise that hasn’t seen much success in years past. The other time I could think of recent heighten drama in the NBA? The return of the King to Cleveland. Or perhaps the Cavaliers fighting back from a 3-1 deficit. Are you guys seeing a recurring theme here?

The other funny thing about this whole KD and Westbrook situation is that all we see Westbrook as the hero figure, heralded to dethrone the evil empire of Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors. But the games are not competitive for obvious reasons. When you are a top 5 player joining more top 10 players how do we expect the league to keep up?

But between the usual hype of this type of match up the on court, the jawing between former teammates and post game shade. I think the NBA needs this type of drama, the league could thrive off of this type of superhero battles. By my personal opinion, the NFL season was somewhat uneventful, lacked drama and saw the Patriots acquire another championship (same old story). Alright, I lied. We didn’t get much drama until the Super Bowl. When the Falcons let go of a 25 point lead (look, more deficits.)

But this will definitely help out the NBA, let me remind you, no conspiracy theorist ran out of the gate to say that Durant/Westbrook brings more money, but forbid if the NBA finals go to a game 7. As long as KD and Russ are apart from each other while trash- talking back and forth on the court in gladiator-type battles, the NBA numbers are sure to prosper


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